TRADITOM workshop with agro-ecological farmers in Spain

A dedicated workshop on conserving and valuing the cultivation of traditional tomato varieties was held on 25 January 2018 in Alzira, Spain.

Organized together with “Associació Productors Agroecologics de la Ribera”, this workshop took place at the facilities of “La Vall de la Casella” in the market of Alzira and brought together 8 agro-ecological farmers from the whole region. TRADITOM coordinator Antonio Granell (CSIC) gave valuable insight into the findings of the project and working with genetic resources for the cultivation of traditional tomato varieties.  In an open discussion, the participants exchanged their views on the role of farmers in promoting the cultivation of traditional varieties. They will receive further information following the workshop – some farmer confirmed that they will try  out seeds of specific varieties in the coming season using ecological cultivation methods.