EIP-AGRI workshop ‘Innovation in the supply chain: creating value together’

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development is organising an EIP-AGRI workshop on ‘Innovation in the supply chain: creating value together’. The two-day workshop will take place in Lyon, France from 6-7 February, 2018.

The participants will meet other farmers, researchers, advisory services or innovation support services from all over Europe who are working on Operational Groups or research projects on innovation in the supply chain. The event will also include field visits to inspirational supply chain projects.

Being involved in the multi-actor project TRADITOM, coordinator Antonio Granell was invited to participate in the event for sharing knowledge and experience while getting the opportunity to learn from others working on similar issues.

The objectives for the workshop are to:

  • Connect Operational Groups with each other and to relevant research activities.
  • Exchange good practices.
  • Identify common challenges and explore potential solutions.
  • Promote ongoing cooperation beyond the workshop.

Download the workshop programme here.