Bread with tomato (Pà amb tomàquet)

Difficulty: very easy. Preparation time: 3 mins.

  • 1 tomato “puntxa”, preferably two months after harvest
  • 1 slice of bread
  • 1 trickle of extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt (optional)

Wash the tomato, put the bread slice on the plate, cut transversally the tomato and rub the tomato in the bread. Make sure to spread the tomato on the entire slice and finally pour the extra virgin olive oil trickle and salt (optional, since bread already has salt in it).

This preparation can be eaten alone or with cold meat (“embotits”), ham, cheese or omelet.

Roser Romero del Castillo
Fundació Miquel Agustí – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
My favourite tomato moment

When the first session of the consumer test sessions of salad tomato within the TRADITOM project began and the testers started coming in on time and highly motivated, Joan Casals and I felt very emotional and almost cried.

My favourite tomato fact

The great variability, the great adaptability and how easily it was introduced in the Mediterranean cuisine.

Profile: Puntxa, long-life genotype
Growth region:
Size (in g):
40-60 g
Round, slightly ribbed with a tip in the apex
red to yellow
Basic taste:
sweet and very aromatic
juicy, with slight mealiness texture, thick skin