ARCA 2010 Societa Cooperativa A.r.l.

ARCA Societa Cooperativa A.r.l. (ARCA 2010) is a limited liability cooperative society focused on experimentation, research and development in agriculture and biofuel production chains. ARCA 2010 collaborates with the main local and national public institutions of Italy and with the Chambers of Commerce of Naples, Caserta and Salerno.

Patrizia Spigno is a senior researcher and will lead the activities at ARCA 2010. She has a 22 year long experience in the design and implementation of experimental and research activities in the agronomical field, in the design and implementation of breeding programs and in programs of recovery, safeguarding and valorization of horticultural germplasm, as well as in the organization and management of germplasm banks.

Within TRADITOM, ARCA2010 will contribute its expertise in the recovery and valorization of local horticultural germplasm, the set up of experimental fields for the dissemination of environmentally friendly production techniques, the relaunch of horticultural crops, valorization and creation of production chains for traditional as well as local practices and varieties.