Frosted Tomato Rock

Difficulty: tricky. Preparation time: 40 mins.

Ingredients (makes 5 servings)
  • 250gr of hanging tomato
  • 30 gr extra virgin olive oil
  • 20 gr vinegar
  • 2 gr garlic
  • 2 gr salt
  • 1 gr sugar
  • 1 piece of bread soaked in water
  • 5 gr of iota
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • 4 boiled eggs
  • 3 slices of Iberian ham
  • 1 thin slice of toasted bread
  1. Make a traditional salmorejo: first cut the tomatoes in about four pieces and place in a beater, add the oil, vinegar, garlic, salt, sugar and bread soaked in water. Thread everything until it is in a liquid state and with all the ingredients well integrated. Strain.
  2. Next, remove a glass of salmorejo and boil it with the 5 gr of iota (gelling). When boiled, remove from heat and place with the help of a circular mold on the plate. Add a few pieces of boiled egg, some toasted bread crumbs and Iberian ham.
  3. For the top, take a ladle and dip it in liquid nitrogen. When it stops boiling, remove the ladle and dip its back in the salmorejo container. Let it dry for a few seconds and separate the tomato top from the ladle with care. Incorporate the top on the salmorejo on the plate.

To eat: break the top.

Anna Barceló and Marc Martorell
My favourite tomato moment

Our favorite tomato moment is the tomato fair in Alcalà, where the whole town pays homage to this product and we participate with a beautiful showcooking to show all the tomato’s possibilities.

My favourite tomato fact

I love tomato “de penjar” because it is so tasty and versatile.

Tomato hot tip – Do's and Dont's
To preserve the tomatoes for a long time, hang them in a cool, dry place (like a barret) or spread them in a cool, dry place. NEVER store them in the fridge.
Profile: Tomata de penjar
Growth region:
Alcalà de Xivert
Size (in g):
80 gr.
It has an intense red color that acquires once harvested, shortly after hanging.
Basic taste:
The flavor is intense and sweet and its acidity scarce.
Very fine skin, abundant pulp and water