Coc de Tomata – Tomato Pastry

Difficulty: easy. Preparation time: 1h30’.

Ingredients (makes 4/6 servings)
  • 200 gr water
  • 100 gr extra virgin olive oil
  • 40 gr yeast
  • 500 gr wheat
  • 1500 gr of hanging tomato
  • 1 red paprika
  • 20 gr salt
  • 5 gr sugar
  • Pine nut
  1. Grind the hanging tomato and pass through a sieve.
  2. Salt the tomato and add a pinch of sugar to reduce the acidity.
  3. Fry the tomato together with the red pepper cut into strips over low heat until the hanging tomato loses its water and stays slightly thick.
  4. In parallel, melt the yeast in water, add salt and oil and stir. When these elements are well integrated, add the flour and knead until the dough does not stick in your hands. With the desired texture, let the dough ferment (in the bowl and covered with a cloth) for about 30 minutes in a warm place.
  5. Once the dough is well rested, we spread a baking tray in extra virgin olive oil and stretch the dough on the tray. With a spoon, cover the whole dough with fried tomato and paprika.
  6. Add pine nuts on top of the coc and bake until crust is golden (30 minutes approximately).

Anna Barceló and Marc Martorell
My favourite tomato moment

Our favorite tomato moment is the tomato fair in Alcalà, where the whole town pays homage to this product and we participate with a beautiful showcooking to show all the tomato’s possibilities.

My favourite tomato fact

I love tomato “de penjar” because it is so tasty and versatile.

Tomato hot tip – Do's and Dont's
To preserve the tomatoes for a long time, hang them in a cool, dry place (like a barret) or spread them in a cool, dry place. NEVER store them in the fridge.
Profile: Tomate de Colgar
Growth region:
Alcalà de Xivert
Size (in g):
80 gr.
Basic taste:
Thick skin, juicy tomato with a long shelf life