TRADITOM goes organic II

TRADITOM is proud to have expanded their list of collaborators by many farmers that have an interest in traditional crops. One of them is Ximo.

Ximo (Ximo Herrero) is a young local farmer running his business in Mareny de Vilches near the protected area of L’Albufera (Valencia, Spain) in-between sandy beaches and environmentally friendly rice pads. Best known by his vegetables, Ximo’s small fields right behind the dunes enjoy a mild climate ideal for growing tomatoes to their best.

Ximo, who has a degree in Agronomy by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), is also a member of “Associació de Productors Agroecológics de la Ribera” and a TRADITOM enthusiast and supporter. He is even growing a selection of TRADITOM varieties under organic cultivation.

Ximo not only takes good care of the plants, he also sells his veggies in a small family-owned grocery shop near the tomato fields. When locals or by-passing tourists crave for some high quality yummy tomatoes they know where to stop by.

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  • Ximo’s fruit shop in Mareny de Vilches
  • Ximo is selling organic fruits and vegetables
  • A selection of Ximo’s products
  • Ximo and TRADITOM Coordinator Toni Granell (CSIC)
  • Ximo and TRADITOM Coordinator Toni Granell (CSIC)