• Ibérico 2017: VIII Iberian Congress of Horticultural Sciences

    June 07-10, 2017/ Coimbra, Portugal
  • Unraveling the complexity of transcriptomic, metabolomic and quality environmental response of tomato fruit

    Tomato is one of the cornerstones of Italian cuisine and, for this reason, underwent a great diversification resulting in a number of varieties adapted to local conditions, particularly in the Campania region, Italy. The San Marzano and Vesuviano varieties are such examples, and present excellent organoleptic characteristics. These two local varieties impersonate superior genotypes which have...
  • International Biodiversity Day

    Today is the International Day for Biological Diversity.  The European Commission invests about €32 mio in projects promoting agro-biodiversity and genetic resources – and TRADITOM is one of those six projects. To learn more about the EU’s engagement see!db78GC or follow the hashtag #EU_AgriResearch.
  • TOMAVAL congress explores special qualities of the Valencian tomato

    The “Valenciana d’El Perelló” tomato is a traditional variety from the Spanish province of Valencia. It is characterized by having heart-shaped fruits of very good texture and flavour which make it one of the most important and popoular Valencian landraces. While the production of Valenican tomatoes increased rapidly over the last ten years, it also has a series of risks and difficulties that...
  • A taste of TRADITOM at the EU Open Day 2017

    On May 06 we celebrated Europe day! The European institutions in Brussels opened their doors to the public and welcomed about 12,000 visitors. Interactive and playful stands as well as outdoor activities let everyone experience how European institutions work, what their main priorities are and what is being done for citizens. During the EU Open Day, TRADITOM joined the stand “EU Science around...