TRADITOM shares its experience as inspiring example for successful project communication at cross-fertilization workshop in Brussels

TRADITOM participated in an EIP-AGRI full day workshop titled “Interactive innovation in action – Multi-Actor projects learning from each other” on March 8, 2018 in Brussels.

The event was organized by the European Commission with the aim to improve the impact and outreach of and the guidance towards multi-actor approach projects, by incentivizing the exchange of best practices between Horizon 2020 project coordinators on emerging issues linked to running collaborative projects. A number of inspiring examples were presented on how to manage Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects and processes successfully – among them TRADITOM as example for successful project communication and outreach.

TRADITOM coordinator Antonio Granell (CSIC) had the opportunity in the Outreach and Communication session to share his experience of building an attractive, functional, multi-lingual website and on how TRADITOM is increasing outreach and communication by engaging with local media. He stressed the importance of combining direct media contacts and press releases with the organization of / participation in dedicated workshops, training courses, meetings, and open doors days for different stakeholders etc. The session prompted enthusiastic discussions, for instance regarding which communication and dissemination channels are proving the most effective for engaging actors and for targeting projects results to potential end-users. The discussed possibility to produce “practice abstracts” for farmers was of special interest for TRADITOM.