Congress shines a light on tomato

The 17th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology will be held over four days in Pisa, Italy from September 4-8, 2017.

The established conference series assembles top international scientists in the field of photobiology, photochemistry, and photomedicine. With over 400 expected participants, it will be an important forum for dissemination of advanced knowledge and technological development in all fields of photobiological research, for scientific discussions and exchange of new ideas and for establishing new collaborations for future research.

The organisers had planned 30 symposia covering a wide range of themes in the Photobiological Sciences as well as eight keynote lectures in exciting developing areas of photobiology. TRADITOM partner Giovanni Giuliano (ENEA) was invited to co-chair the symposium “Cryptochromes and novel photoreceptors for UV-visible light” and to give a talk on “Multiple roles of cryptochromes in controlling Solanaceae physiology and development”.

The goal of photobiology is the understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying the interaction of light with living organisms. Cryptochromes are blue light photosensory receptors present in most living organisms, that in tomato regulate important agronomical traits such as flowering time and fruit lycopene content.