• Congress shines a light on tomato

    The 17th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology will be held over four days in Pisa, Italy from September 4-8, 2017. The established conference series assembles top international scientists in the field of photobiology, photochemistry, and photomedicine. With over 400 expected participants, it will be an important forum for dissemination of advanced knowledge and technological...
  • Training course and GOURMETOM presentation at workshop for farmers in Castellón region

    In collaboration with associated partner El3ments, the TRADITOM members CSIC and UPV are organising a workshop on September 15, 2017 at the farm house of El3ments located in Burriana, Spain.
  • TRADITOM and I3 Elements alliance to reach out to traditional farmers and chefs with quality tomatoes

    This summer, a set of 100 selected traditional tomato varieties within GOURMETOM , a subset of TRADITOM representing attractive tomatoes with colours/shapes of interest for restaurants and chefs (preselected between CSIC and Alicia Foundation Interaction) are being cultivated in a plot of land recovered for horticultural farming near Castellón Valencia.
  • The GOURMETOM set of TRADITOM tomato varieties catches the attention of press, local farmers, chefs and children

    The GOURMETOM set was cultivated near La Albufera Natural Parc following traditional practices by Esteve, a farmer recently awarded “Best Collaborative Farmer” at the first meeting of the Tomata Valenciana held recently in El Perelló. The set of GOURMETOM varieties cultivated was used as an exhibition for variation in tomato colors and shapes for the local farmers that visited the field and also...
  • TRADITOM goes organic

    A few weeks ago, CSIC started collaboration with two farmers in the Benifaió area, Spain (see location in map) interested in cultivating traditional tomato varieties following the EU Organic Farming Regulation. From the angle of a “proximity market view” with their target customers being from the neighborhood, those local farmers will test some of the TRADITOM tomato varieties in order to...