The secret life of plants on the conference agenda

The Serbian Plant Physiology Society is organizing the 3rd international conference on plant biology from June 9-12, 2018 in Belgrade.

TRADITOM partners Angelos Kanellis (AUTH) and coordinator Antonio Granell (CSIC) are both members of the scientific committee and invited speakers.

Prof. Kanellis will give a talk on “The Cistus creticus terpene synthase gene family” within conference section 4: Phytochemistry.

Prof. Granell will give a plenary lecture on “The biodiversity present in European tomato, phenotypes galore and a first insight in the underlying genetics”. In the frame of the TRADITOM project, partners have started to characterise the genotypic and phenotypic variability present in more than 1.700 traditional varieties available on farms and in public repositories throughout Europe. In his talk, Prof. Granell will present some of the variability present in the TRADITOM collection and progress in understanding the basis of this variability.

Please find more information on the conference website.