TRADITOM workshop on Traditional European Tomato Varieties as part of FESTOM

A highly successful scientific and technical research workshop was conducted at FESTOM, a tomato celebration organized in the frame of TRADITOM on 16 September 2017 in Castelldefels, Spain. The activity was conducted with the aim to disseminate the results of the research done in TRADITOM to farmers and the general public. Some overall information about the project and the phenotypic diversity of traditional tomato varieties was introduced to more than 40 attendees of the workshop, which included many local farmers and associations of producers. The workshop also covered a well-documented description of the history of the origin of traditional varieties of tomato in Europe, as well as the impact that the results of the project can have on Catalan horticulture.

The workshop included presentations by four TRADITOM members: Mari Luz Lopez Terradas (CSIC), Antonio Granell (CSIC), Clara Pons (CSIC) and Joan Casals (FMA, UPC-UPV). After the presentation, there was a very lively and enthusiastic discussion with the workshop participants which continued bilaterally by the tomato and vegetable stands and during the celebration of the other activities in FESTOM.

Photos: Joan Gastó Barrot