TRADITOM exhibits at EXPOCIENCIA in Spain

TRADITOM attracted attention of thousands of visitors at its stand at the EXPOCIENCIA fair in Valencia, Spain on Saturday, 26 May 2018. At its ten year anniversary, the EXPOCIENCIA fair was even more successful and reached a peak number of visitors - mostly children were attended the fair with their parents who were all fascinated by the latest discoveries in science and technologies.

The exhibition included more than 90 different hands-on activities which were presented by various scientific groups, representing their research institutes. For TRADITOM, CSIC-IBMCP and COMAV-UPV were participating in the fair. The idea behind EXPOCIENCIA is to get research closer to the general public and to show how research can lead to innovation and have an impact on society. EXPOCIENCIA also showed that the Valencian research community has an international impact, with TRADITOM being a good example. The objective of EXPOCIENCIA, as for TRADITOM, is to foster new scientific vocations amongst the youngest.

The event was a true success and at our TRADITOM stand, partners from CSIC and UPV had great fun while showing thousands of people the diversity of traditional tomato varieties. This was done through an exhibition of tomatoes, their characteristics and properties and by teaching children how to classifying tomatoes, how to appreciate the taste of tomatoes with tasting activities and by finding out if they were supertasters or not. TRADITOM partners distributed TRADITOM information as well as badges and stickers to raise awareness for the project.

An exhibition leaflet (in Spanish language) is available here.